Why Ignoring Kratom Blood Pressure Is a Terrible Move.

Users are confused.

There is a question which is lingering in users mind that,

can kratom cause changes in blood pressure?

One user claim that they didn’t felt any change. Another claims that it can dramatically change your blood pressure.

It becomes more confusing when you get to know that, all of them are right, in their own experience.

For them, it’s true because kratom affects everyone uniquely.

What one feel’s it can be opposite for others.

So, it is more confusing for the newbies.

Here is the quick kratom guide which you must read for basic knowledge on kratom.

Considerable changes in blood pressure is not a healthy change.

It can lead to fatal health issues.

like high blood pressure can harm your brains blood vessel’s and make them narrow, rapture or leak.

It can also cause blood clots in arteries.

but blood pressure is not the question here it can change because of many reasons.

kratom cause blood pressure or not that’s the question.

what causes changes in blood pressure because of kratom?

Kratom is a combination of more than 80 alkaloids and other molecules.

kratom include mitragynine and 7-hydroxy- mitragynine(the active component of kratom) and mitraphylline.

Its structure is nearly same to yohimbine. Its primary function is to act as the mu-opioid receptor agonist.

But as this alkaloid act on the opioid receptor, it lowers the blood pressure because opioid also does.

Some of its activities resemble to the yohimbine. This similarity can cause an increase in blood pressure.

But according to some users if you take kratom in low dosage effects of this kind are very less.

Do high blood pressure shows any symptoms?

This part is not completely related to kratom blood pressure but it will tell necessary information on blood pressure.

If you think high blood pressure is going to give you any signal before it takes its worst shape, then you are wrong. Because blood pressure is a silent killer or symptomless.

So, you shouldn’t think that some symptoms will alert you to it.

There are myths that if you have high blood pressure, then you will experience sweating, facial flushing, difficulty in sleeping or nervousness they can happen because of many other reasons. Be aware of this kind of myth.

If you are habitual of taking a high dosage of kratom, then I will suggest you get your blood pressure checked once in a while.

What is the experience of different users on kratom blood pressure?

A man shared his story on Quora how kratom saved his life when he had PTSD, chronic pain, and high blood pressure.

To reduce the pain doctor put him on methadone. But, he never used it.

According to him, the opiate is not the thing he will put in his body rather then Opiate; he will put a plant(kratom) which is used to relieve pain for hundreds of years.

Kratom did a miracle for him as his BP dropped to a normal level which he didn’t saw from a long time.

But further he also added that it helped him, but any other individual’s situation can be completely different.

Hence it can bring opposite effects as I have heard that kratom can increase your BP.

He advised before you try anything you must consult with your doc.

She says kratom is a plant which can help in fatigue, anxiety, and pain but at the same time, there is an opiate agonist which can cause addiction, so kratom leaves are not the right choice.

She does not recommend kratom leaves for high blood pressure.

The stem is another part of the kratom which does not contain Opiate agonist and very beneficial for health issues.

But stem of the kratom is not very popular.

There is one more user who describes his experience with kratom and blood pressure.

He starts by saying that this is his personal experience, so, it can be different for another user.

He is a regular user of kratom and takes ~ 6g of kratom morning and same at evening.

One day he took the same dosage of red Hulu strain and felt little different, so he decided to check his Bp(as he already has the problem of high).

He saw a very high increase in blood pressure, and according to him, looking back he was at heart attack spot. But he didn’t bother and went for the sleep.

This event scared him, and he stopped all his drugs. After a week his BP came back to normal.

These are some writer about whom we talked, but there are many more cases which you can search on different forums like Reddit, Quora, etc.

What effects does kratom produce?

It’s no secret that kratom can produce positive effects if you follow certain guidelines.

It is also true that kratom has some weak opiate agonist which can bring addiction if taken in large amount.

Kratom can produce negative effects if you mix it with alcohol or some unknown chemical which any other herb can do.

According to large numbers users, kratom produces many positive effects such as:

It reduces anxiety,

helps you in becoming more social,

Lessens fatigue and Decreases pain.

these are most common positive effects seen by users.

Some neutral effects are constipation and reduced appetite.

Adverse effects caused by kratom are

It causes Dizziness,

Kratom increase urination,

decreasing libido,

It keeps your mouth dry,

Some users also reported that kratom cause nausea if you take it in abnormal amount.

What do you mean by low or high blood pressure?

When your blood pressure is lesser than (90/60), this is known as hypotension.

Low blood pressure is of no harm if there are no symptoms of any kind and this does not need any special treatment.

But according to doctors, low blood pressure can be signal for a hidden issue, for elderly individuals it can happen because of insufficient blood in the heart and other essential organs.

Normal drop in the blood pressure is never serious, but if it drops suddenly, then health issues can happen like insufficient blood to the brain.

Which in turns can cause lightheadedness or dizziness because of low blood in the brain.

High blood pressure or hypertension comes when blood pressure is above the healthy level.

Blood pressure depends on the amount of the blood in the arteries and the diameter of the arteries.

Narrow arteries cause higher blood pressure. And high blood pressure for a prolonged period can cause health issues like heart disease.

As we have discussed already hypertension, do not have clear symptoms, but if it stays for a long time, it can harm your blood vessels, brain, eyes, heart, and kidneys.

So if you are taking kratom regularly and have blood pressure problems,

then we will suggest you do the regular checkup of your blood pressure.

Important facts about kratom.

  • 1.) The mixture of kratom, caffeine, and O-desmethyltramadol can cause very very harmful affects your body.
  • 2.) Locals of Southeast Asia use kratom for centuries to relieve pain, increase energy and sexual desire.
  • 3.)There is no Scientific data on kratom which says it can help or harm you. If someone did it was of poor quality research.
  • 4.) In some cases, kratom raises blood pressure, and in some instances, it decreases blood pressure.
  • 5.) Effects by kratom begin in 5 to 10min, and its impact lasts for 2 hours to 3 hours.

Conclusion on kratom blood pressure

So, far we discussed both kratom and blood pressure.

we also discussed their relationship.

Blood pressure at the higher side for a long time harms essential organs, and that is scientifically proven.


is your blood pressure going high or low because of kratom?

only you can answer this question.

if it’s going above or below the safe line, then you should discuss with your doctor.

and You can stop taking kratom for some time.

By not taking kratom for some time you will also know that,

you are addicted to kratom or not.

If you are addicted, then symptoms are clear,

without taking kratom, you will get angry and irritated easily.

If you have any question regarding this post or kratom,

feel free to ask your question in comments below.

We are more than happy to answer your queries.

If you have any experience related to this post you can share that as well.

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