Vaping Kratom – Side effects, benefits and very Important tips.

A whole lot of people think that they can not vape kratom.

But there is nothing which says that Vaping kratom is not possible.

Some creative people who had this idea they have tried it and shared their experiences on Reddit.

A user on Reddit describes his experience that,

I have tried vaping white and green kratom till now using volcano vaporizer. I have used half of the chamber and heated to 200 degrees and vaporized a balloon every single time. But that effect was not beneficial. The green kratom was for relaxation anyways, but white one didn’t make me active at all. Started feeling sleepy. What wrong I did, should I have vaporized more.

Kratom user
Another user replied to this mystery, and he says

Burning or vaporizing kratom destroys the active ingredient of it. The right way to take kratom is orally. Empty stomach with a range of 3-8grams (Depends on how often you take it)

Kratom user

But before coming to any conclusion let’s see what our research says

A must-read list of points on vaping kratom.

  • One thing is clear that you will lose strength or potency of kratom if you vape it, instead of taking it orally.
  • There is no research or statistic data on its harmful or beneficial effects. Users experience is base here for all of the content.
  • As we know out of smoking and vaping which one harm most, same with kratom. Smoking kratom harms more.
  • Does vaping kratom provide flavor and well being? You can choose to vape which will give a taste, but well being depends on different strains.
  • These days there is a new product known as kratom vape juice, Which you must have to vape kratom.

What if you smoke kratom?

As we know that we can smoke only leafy plants. But we smoke only those plants which are of any benefits to us.

There are very simple ways to use kratom one of them is Toss and wash. It’s handy way as you are not burning or vaporizing anything.

what is wrong with smoking kratom?

You will get left out with trash only because an active compound of kratom will fly off because of smoking.

According to users, you will consume very less alkaloid which does all the work.

So you have to smoke a lot to get the same experience which you can get in very less kratom if you take it orally.

If you want to know numbers, then let me tell you it will cost you a lot more money and kratom. How?

According to some kratom users, if you consume 2-3 grams of kratom by the simple way of toss and wash. For the same experience, you have to smoke 18-19 grams of kratom. So, it’s not smart to smoke kratom when smoking has harmful effects as well.

These numbers are just an estimate it can take more or less.

Before we move to kratom vape juice we have combined a short guide on kratom if you are interested.

what is kratom vape juice and does it work?

As we know that to vape anything, we need it in liquid form.

we prepare vape juice by Transforming kratom in liquid form.

Kratom vape juice is not very popular so, its tough to get it. But you can get kratom powder very easily from online kratom vendors.

Turn you can convert this kratom powder into vape juice, which we will discuss later.

It is difficult to find it, But not impossible.

I know an online vendor, who provide kratom vape juice and his website name is Holy Smokes.

Price for their products is not very high; they offer 15ml of kratom juice for 25$ which is fair.

They also provide different flavors in it.

If you want to enjoy kratom sip by sip, then you can try e-cigarette which is empty from the inside, and you have to fill it.

You can use big pot also which will work fast.

If you are kratom user, then you know that kratom has a bitter taste.

So, manufacturers add a pleasant aroma to kratom vape juice.

Note: if you are using raw kratom then you can add a potentiating agent to it, which will reduce the foul smell of it.

How dangerous is vaping kratom?

We already know from our discussion above,

that, we do not have any research or statistics available, to tell that vaping kratom is safe or unsafe.

So, answer to the question is neither safe or nor unsafe.

But there are many users who do not have any problem because of vaping.

But if you overdose kratom or mix it with some other chemical,

then its very much possible that you end up harming yourself.

If you ask me which one is less harmful smoking or vaping, then I will suggest you vaping is less dangerous.

Overall I will say if you want to know the truth try it yourself,

and see if it’s working for you or not.

On a forum, someone wrote that there are some people who took vape juice with nicotine and end up in hospitals.

What is different about vaping kratom extract?

Do you know about kratom Dabs?

Manufacturers came up with new kind of product which is kratom wax.

but according to many users, it smells terrible and ineffective.

But some users are looking at it as an alternative to vaping kratom.

There are very few companies who provide Kratom wax.

One of the known dealers is autopia.

Is it possible to make kratom e-liquid in the home?

You cannot make the way a manufacturer do but, in this case, its a very simple process and cheap also.

So what you have to do is buy some kratom extract.

Take some kratom extract and role it in a cylindrical form and use it as filler in your vape equipment.

There are some other ways also but we cannot discuss here, because that’s whole new story.

So, to watch step by step process how it is done,

Search for this video (Filling your HeadVape Cartridge with Kratom Extract)

Different ways in which kratom is utilized.

Kratom is in use from very long time, native people of Thailand consume this herb by chewing its leaf.

there are very few chances that you will see any native of Thailand or Indonesia smoking this herb.

Some individuals in the USA tried it, and they came at the conclusion that

It’s not efficient to smoke kratom because most of the active alkaloids will get burnt.

vaping is a new technology, and people just started using it.

native people always prefer chewing as compare to any other way.

Conclusion for vaping kratom

There are many ways by which you can take Kratom.

For example – Wash N Toss, Make a paste, add to drink, Kratom tea, capsules, smoking(Not recommended), in the last vaping it.

People choose different ways based on

how much time they have,

What kind of effect they want,

What kind of flavor they want,

how long effect should last.

If you want to feel every sip of it, then you should go for vaping.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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