Kratom And Alcohol – How Good or Bad This Blend Is?

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Curiosity can take you to the moon if you exploit in the correct direction.

Perhaps for people experimenting with drugs and alcohol, it might lead them to dreadful circumstances.

Many already know that consuming kratom and alcohol can be a lethal combination.

This is crazy that even the people who know about the harmful effect of combination exploit this mere for momentary pleasure.

Starting from the introduction about kratom, it will give you whole knowledge about neat kratom consumption and with alcohol.

There might be different reasons why people want to mix Kratom and alcohol.

Some do it just out of thrill or to amplify the effect of alcohol.

The all do it without taking care of the side effect it can produce. Kratom is the most narrowly searched topic at the point of time.

Now a lot of scientists are focused on this particular topic to know about what happens when this compound is consumed.


Overview of the experience:

What people want is the high level of a hit.

They want something strong.

This proves to be the best solution to their demand because it amplifies the effect of alcohol and has a long-lasting effect.

But some say that presence of kratom with liquor is preventing them from getting intoxicated.

Therefore there seems no hard and fast rule on the impact it makes upon consumption.

It gets better/or worse depending on the dosage of the compound.

However to play it safe while mixing these two, precautions and personal accountability is necessary.

Low Dose

After asking and experiencing it can be declared that mixing a low dose of two tends to produce a mood-lifting effect.

Apparently, kratom provides a warming effect when combined with alcohol, which alcohol won’t produce alone.

Instead, regular liquor tends to make user inhibited.

At a low dose, this combination does not seem to have much of its side effects.

Moderate Dose

For the average does the blend of alcohol and kratom can give you either of the experiences:

either great on or a horrible one.

This might be counted as one of the side effects of this mixture.

The significant results can be dominantly nausea.

In some cases, lethargy plays the more substantial role.

Some of the strains of kratom can act as depressant like alcohol.

Therefore, in this case, the combination can give you an unpleasant drive.

High Doses

This compound at a high dose tends to effect quickly.

People often complain about experiencing lethargic/weakness and also feel nausea.

This makes the user feel a lousy drive and physical discomfort.

There are very rare cases where this combination can give a great experience.

The reason is that majority of time both will act as a depressant, altogether giving you lousy experience.

Hence we advise against the high dose consumption of alcohol and kratom.

Potential side effects of Kratom and Alcohol

There can be two sides of the argument when we discuss the side effect of the kratom over our body.

There are some people who drink occasionally; second are the people who regularly party.

Therefore consumption of any drug is going to have a different effect on both of above-mentioned categories.

Similar is the case with having this mixture of kratom and alcohol.

There are many factors which determine the impact it will have on the user based on its personality, tolerance, metabolism, sensitivity level, etc.

For first time user, this might have severe effects. Hence we can categorize the impact of consumption by the amount of weight:

First time user effects

  • The decline in appetite (low dose)
  • Increased alertness (low dose)
  • Drowsiness (low to high dose)
  • Suppression of a cough (moderate to high dose)
  • Pain reduction (average to high dose)
  • Hyperpigmentation (high dose)
  • Weight loss (high dose)


In addition to the above mentioned short-term effects it might have some severe results as compared to other opioids:

First time user effects

  • Loss of motor coordination
  • Tiny pupil
  • Constipation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness


As stated earlier that the impact of this compound is not known fully.

There are some of the adverse effects which might be considered as it may lead to respiratory depression.

This happens when it is combined at a high dose, which might not occur if Kratom is consumed alone.

The most exciting fact about this compound is that the adverse effect is only seen in the case of sedating strains like the red vein strain, with alcohol.

More stimulating strains of Kratom tend to have the low scope of producing a side effect.

What’s the bottom line?

As we already know that the side effects are dangerous on mixing alcohol and kratom, but even then if one wants to try it then try it in low dose.

Properly research on this compound and the ways to handle it, then only you must take any step further.

Positive Use of Kratom to get off Alcohol

Till now we have discussed that this mixture of Kratom and alcohol might have lethal effects.

But here’s the kicker that there are some hidden qualities of kratom which make it a precious drug.

It might be surprising to know that Kratom can save a person from alcohol addiction.

Till now there are not much of the scientific studies being done over it, but it works in the majority of the cases.

This can be easily understood in a way that kratom helps to ease the withdrawal symptoms without producing any addictive effects by itself. But still, DEA is adamant on this and says the Kratom must be banned.

How does it work?

As discussed earlier that Kratom or Mitragyana speciosa are composed of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

This acts as an opiate receptor as well as it has a similar effect as GABA A, which is found in alcohol.

When Kratom acts on these receptors, the person feels happy and pleased.

This helps in removal restlessness, fatigue, muscles soreness and depression due to alcohol withdrawal.

Kratom can also assist in treating delirium tremens.

Endocrine is released due to the activity of kratom in the body which makes withdrawal period peaceful.

What are the best Kratom strains for alcohol withdrawal?

Various strains of kratom have a mixed effect on a person.

Red kratom can to have a stimulating impact; green one is moderate in action, the white one has a relaxing activity.

Maeng Da will make you feel confident and energetic.

It is powerful hence it must be taken only 2-3 grams.The classic red vein can be very helpful in treating alcohol withdrawal syndrome because it produces a soothing effect on the mind.

White Borneo Mitra can enhance your motivation.

This makes you feel productive and calm.The combined effect of these can be beneficial in treating a person in alcohol withdrawal.

Reports overuse of kratom for alcohol withdrawal

According to a case report in Havemann Reinecke, use of kratom and alcohol helped him in getting through alcohol withdrawal.

Another research in Thailand scientists discovered the efficacy of kratom for treating alcohol withdrawal.

In the study, an Albino mouse was given the particular amount of Thai Kratom and alcohol.

The immobility of the mice was decreased as Kratom also has antidepressant properties like alcohol.

Therefore it can play very well in alcohol withdrawal.

Want to know the best part?

Kratom drug produces the similar relaxing effect to that of alcohol, but it doesn’t create an addictive impact like alcohol.

A person can quickly withdraw from consumption according to his/her will.

Precaution while taking Kratom

  • Avoid taking Kratom extracts
  • Take kratom at least 45 minutes before a meal
  • Avoid taking kratom if you have a cardiovascular, renal or hepatic disorder.
  • Do not take one strain of kratom frequently.
  • Take a lot of fluid and juices simultaneously.

Effects of Alcohol Consumption

You might be wondering that alcohol is so commonly used drug so it might be less harmful than Kratom in its impact.

Surely not, while you advance in this article, you will come to know that this drug is more helpful than we can assume it be.

Alcohol is the most widely used drug in the whole world.

It is more common in the western culture, but it may lead to various side effects.

Alcohol acts as a depressant because it contains a similar chemical structure to GABA.

GABA is a neurotransmitter enzyme that is responsible for providing a soothing action to our brain.

Research shows that it also affects the delta and mu opioid receptors, which are similar to the class of drugs of opioid.

When we consume alcohol, it enters into our bloodstream.

Our body entitles it as a poison, and it is broken down in the liver with the help of digestive enzymes. Specific alcohol might have a different effect on different people.

Like in case of Champagne, it tends to have its effect sooner than any other drink because of its fizzy nature.

While alcohol might have a fast effect on women because they have less of dehydrogenase which is responsible for the digestion of alcohol.

You may feel the loss in your decision-making abilities; motor skills tend to withdraw its proper functioning and inhibition will be declined.

You might not explore all of the above if you drink moderately.

There are also studies saying about the positive effect of wine.

Perhaps we forbid the excess consumption of alcohol.

This is because in excess it might have a serious long term or short term side effects.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant from the coffee family which is grown in Southeast Asia.

It has various medicinal uses like as a painkiller or as an anti-diarrhea medicine. It is used as an herbal supplement in many places.

It can be eaten raw, pulverized or in other forms like tablets, etc.

But kratom doesn’t seem to have a legal medical use. In many states like Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, Wisconsin it has been declared illegal in 2016.

It contains an alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These are the substances which give its properties.

There are various perspectives on the benefits against side effects of Kratom.

Some say that it relieves pain, treat people suffering from depression and also help to cure opioid addiction.

This is not a standard drug because its effect on your body is decided according to the dose you take.

If consumed in a mild treatment it can act as an excellent stimulant.

At a higher level dose, it can serve as a sedative.

This drug can even work as an opioid and the best part is that it will not cause any dangerous side effects like in the case of morphine.

Rest to understand it more research needs to be done to build a proper understanding of benefits and drawbacks of consuming kratom.

This is an overview of some of the most commonly used kratoms:

Bali: This strain tends to be the oldest one being used for ages as an opioid. It creates a sense of euphoria and drowsiness.

Maeng Da: This strain act as an energy provider and also act as a painkiller in many of the cases.

Red Vein Kali: It is somewhat similar to the first one Bali strain, It acts more like an opioid over being a stimulant. In this case people complaint about more side effects as compared to in case of Bali.

White vein Kali: This strain known to create a sense of euphoria when consumed in its mild quantity.

This was a primary classification based on the vein color.

From this we can derive the inference that the red one has a relaxation effect, the white one gives an energizing effect, and green one can provide both.

Therefore this is a small sampling to introduce you to the concept that not only amount of dosage but the type of Kratom also matters in obtaining particular outcome from Kratom consumption.


We have learned a lot about kratom till now.

Starting from the effects of the compound used to the alcohol withdrawing effect of kratom. And another definite point about Kratom is that it has very low potential for addiction.

Its withdrawal symptoms are not as severe as alcohol.

It doesn’t even have any adverse effect on the health of kidney.

Therefore we can say that Kratom has got more of its positive effects against the harmful effects.

More research is required in this field to make the positive use of this drug.

This is a revolutionary drug which can prove to be a valuable asset, hence we must spread awareness rather than banning this drug.

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