Best Answer On How To Make Kratom Stronger? and Precautions

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How to make kratom stronger

How to make kratom stronger post.

Different way to make kratom more potent.

Kratom has many benefits and solution for many of your days to day problems.

Beginner’s never think about this question, How to make kratom stronger?

Because for them what they are getting from raw kratom is already great.

2-3 grams of dosage is enough for a beginner, and they feel these effects from 4-5 hours.

But there are regular kratom user’s for them these effects become ordinary.

effects become little less stronger.

So, after long-term use of kratom, many users’s complain that they feel less effects as compared to when they started.

Then comes the question, how to make kratom stronger?

So, one solution is that you try substitutes for kratom, but that will never give same effects as kratom.

And those who once experiences kratom effects they will not leave it any other drug.

Instead of regular kratom powder, you must have heard of enhanced kratom strains.

These strains are little expensive as compare to ordinary powder.

But these enhanced kratom strains have more alkaloids in them which makes kratom stronger.

We will be doing the same thing, but the only difference is you can do it safely and efficiently at home.

All you need is regular kratom powder and some enhancing agents.

So, in this post, we will discuss how to make kratom stronger?

And safety procedure as well as a most efficient way to do it.

How does kratom enhancing agents works?

The main reason to use these agents is to make the kratom effects more intense and slow so, that kratom users can experience it for a long time.

If you are expecting euphoria in low dosage, then it is not going to happen most probably.

So, a high dosage is needed for euphoric effects.

Hence It is advisable to enhanced kratom which causes effects to last for long and high.

There is an enzyme known as Cytochrome p450.

This enzyme handles the alkaloids of kratom to the blood hence, plays a vital part.

As we know, food can influence many enzymes.

similarly, this enzyme Cytochrome p450 is influenced by some particular type of food.

That’s why we combine kratom with a kind of food which helps in reducing the activity of this enzyme Cytochrome p450.

After doing this what should happen is, effects must be higher as the dosage is larger but long-lasting.

Ok, That’s all about how it is going to happen but what about the different foods we can use as agents to enhance kratom.

Different natural foods to enhance kratom potency.

Why natural food?

Because this is the easiest and most straightforward way to combine kratom with food elements. It is also a safe choice as we are mixing everyday food.

Here is the list of best natural foods to be used.

Cayenne pepper

cayenne pepper is an essential spice and known for its use in detox.

It is also used to clean the body from inside.

Cayenne pepper is also capable of enhancing saliva production which helps in better digestion.

Before you start mixing cayenne pepper with kratom, you should check if the user is allergic to it or not.

If you have allergy with it, then try some other element.

After adding kratom and cayenne pepper with each other, this addition will increase efficiency for both of them.

So, the same amount of kratom and cayenne pepper are not advised to make kratom stronger.

Most of the time we use 1/4 cayenne pepper to kratom, and we increase it later if we feel the need.

Black pepper

One more pepper to make kratom stronger.

So, this time it is black pepper, and it is not very popular.

But it is powerful, I have heard that by mix kratom and black pepper it can improve the effectiveness of kratom by 300%.

which is fantastic isn’t it.

but again I will alert you that you should not be allergic to black pepper.


So, watercress is originally from Asia & Europe.

It needs shallow water stream to grow.

and europian immigrants brought it in the USA and used it as a food source.

You can find watercress in Asian or British groceries stores very quickly.

how it helps in making kratom stronger.

as watercress is a kind of lettuce, it can be helpful to use it with kratom.

But it is not as effective as above mentioned food elements.

But still, if you have an allergy to those foods, you can use it safe and simple to use.


Here comes the sweetest food to be used with kratom to enhance its effects.

According to some user’s grapefruit is the perfect combination to mix with kratom.

Which make kratom stronger.

If you were reading an article on different ways to take kratom, you must have seen that mixing kratom with fruit juice is one of them.

hence its already advised using kratom with grapefruit.

but I am assuming that you haven’t known its other benefits.

You should know that mixing grapefruit juice with kratom will increase its euphoric effects.

If makes kratom 200% more effective but you must know that grapefruit is itself very reactive.

It increases kratom effectiveness, but at the same time, it can affect the digestive enzymes.

Also that some elements of grapefruit can influence metabolism that is why it is a popular choice for weight loss do.

But that not a big point when enhanced kratom has so many benefits. for example euphoria, opiate withdrawal, sedation and pain management.

Turmeric powder

Personally, I do not like turmeric as it smells awful but my parents always used it as turmeric have its benefits.

But after mixing turmeric with something its smell and taste become decidedly less effective.

And I am sure that you know all the benefits of turmeric powder.

Turmeric is very famous all around the world for its positive effects on us.

So, turmeric is a functional element which boosts kratom potency.
And turmeric powder gets mixed with kratom powder very, or you can take both of them separately both way work nicely.

How to boost kratom effects with supplements.

Instead of adding food elements you can use supplements too which is an excellent choice but natural food will always will.

So, here’s the list of some supplements for your question, how to make kratom stronger?

Cat’s claw: It is a very potent supplement which is known to have same alkaloids as kratom do.

When we combine these two supplement’s number of alkaloid get doubled and give better effects.

unlike kratom cat’s claw is found in central and South American jungles.

Where kratom is limited to southeast Asian countries only.

Valerian roots: It is a green component and readily available in the market.

People use Valerian roots to get peaceful sleep and body relaxation.
So, you can assume that they will go great together for stress release, sedation, and euphoria.

you should know that Valerian roots are also used for anxiety control and psychological stress.

But very less scientific study has been done on Valerian roots.

So, any scientific data is not supporting these benefits.

Valerian roots are native to Europe and some part of Asia, but they are also found in north America.

That’s all

wait, I think there is one more thing to make kratom stronger.

and it is tea.

Teas to make kratom stronger.

If you do not like the options given above you can try teas to enhance your kratom. These days people find herbal teas necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

A mixer of the herbal element will be very beneficial for your health like chamomile, green tea, and passion flower.

what you can do is you can mix kratom alone or with chamomile and green tea for extra benefits.

If you are interested in alertness and focus, then you can mix kratom with coffee also.

Know we about potentiators but the question is how to consume kratom with potentiator.

So, you know the names now.

But knowing those names is not enough.

If you are not using these food elements or supplements correctly, then they will not work as they should.

For example: if you are consuming kratom right after taking food elements or supplements then it will not work.

Then what to do?

what you can do is you can consume potentiators 30-45 minutes prior taking kratom.

except tea which can be consumed with kratom in it.

Conclusion on how to make kratom stronger? or enhancing kratom effects.

As you know that euphoria comes only when the dosage is higher.

Hence if kratom is stronger then usual kratom powder it will give better effects.

If you are a regular user of kratom or kratom is very old to give you desired effects then you kratom needs a boost.

You can use any of the natural foods or the supplements.

But it is suggested that you use natural components instead of medically enhanced supplements.

But do not take them regularly as it becomes a habit.

To find best potentiator which suits, maybe you have to do hit and trial method, but you will get to it.

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