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Do you want more benefits?

Do you want more benefits, boost of energy, and fewer side effects? The quick kratom guide includes everything which a kratom user should know before they utilize kratom. If you read this guide complete, I am sure that it will change the way you know and experience kratom.

Trying Hard To Come Out Of Your Opiate Craving or Unbearable Pain or……… ?

Everyone with problem

May Be Kratom Can Help



  • How To Take Kratom
  • Popular Kratom Brands
  • Different Types of kratom
  • Different benefits of kratom
  • Kratom Legality

While opinions are still divided on the use of Kratom, users continue to benefit from it in more ways than one.

Whether you need to get relief from pain, overcome depression or fight anxiety, Kratom can help you.

Kratom preparations can be quite useful in combating addiction to opioids too.

But to use it effectively, you need to know how to take it, how much to take and what variety of it is suitable for you.

How to take Kratom

Dosage is essential whether you use Kratom as a stimulant, a sedative, a muscle relaxant, a painkiller or a mood enhancer. Different forms of this herb deliver different dosage at the same amount. So it is essential to learn how to take it. In South East Asia, the native country of Kratom, people often chew fresh lives of the herb.

Since you are not habituated to it, taking raw leaves may be unwarranted. You cannot take dried leaves too since it is quite chewy. The best and quickest way is to use powdered Kratom. There are various ways of taking powdered Kratom; select one that best suits your style, time constraints, habits and other factors.

Toss n’Wash

The quickest way to deliver the punch is Toss n’Wash. You need to measure the amount you need. Now take the powder in a glass or something, take little water in your mouth, flip the powder into your mouth, swirl it around and swallow. The punch is delivered to your system. However, if you can afford slightly more time or you want to drive more pleasure out of consuming it, you can go for Kratom tea. You can also mix it with yogurt, applesauce, etc.

Add to drinks

Mix powdered Kratom with water or any other liquid and drink it. It can be mixed with milk, fruit juices etc.

Make a paste

You can also make a paste with powdered Kratom and gulp it down with water.

Add to yogurt

You can add powdered Kratom with yogurt or apple sauce and lick it up. You can take a fruit flavored yogurt since it would suppress the taste of the powder, which is, admittedly, not a very pleasant one.


You can get capsules containing powdered Kratom. This may be one of the quickest ways to take the powder.

Kratom tea

Some also take the powder as tea. To make tea, you need to use dried Kratom leaves. Strain the leaves and have the tea.

Store as pellets for later use

If you are quite experienced in using, you can store pellets of Kratom to gulp down with water. To prepare this, you have to prepare the tea and evaporate the water to get a resin-like substance. Now make small pellets of this resinous substance and store it for later use. You can dissolve it in hot water, tea or other beverages and drink. You can even add substances like sugar, honey, etc. to make it palatable. Some people also a chocolate Kratommilkshake and enjoy every gulp of it.

These are some very important posts

Knowledge about products which you consume can play, very crucial role. I am sure these post below can help you a lot.

Popular Kratom brands

The effect of Kratom depends on the variety, dose, and purity. Different vendors sell Kratom powder under different brand names. Among these, there are some which have become popular owing to their effect, price and other features. These are popular brand names like Coastline Kratom, Kratora, PurKratom, GAIA ethnobotanical, Kratom sensation, etc.

Coastline kratom

This is one of the most popular brands in the US. It has got some satisfied customers. You can get almost every variety of Kratom here. The product is sourced from tribes who handle these herbs for generations. They have experienced people to manage the product right from sourcing.


You can get a high quality product at an affordable price if you buy from Kratora. They offer 30-days money back guarantee, and you also earn points on buying their product. You can also buy online.


They have the advantage of being based in Florida where Kratom is neither banned nor restricted. So they can import and process the best strains of Kratom and sell.

GAIA ethnobotanical

Quality products at a highly competitive price that is the USP of this brand. Though they don’t offer any money back guarantee, they don’t seem to have any dissatisfied customer.

Kratom sensation

They select and process all the best strains of Kratom. In fact, they procure the products from experienced and veteran cultivators. What is more, you can get this at an industry beating price.

Our trusted kratom vendors, May be you will like them too.

I did complete research on vendors and wrote these review articles on them. Information in these blogs will help you in taking the right decision.

Different types of Kratom

Various strains of Kratom are available in the market. For a beginner, it may be quite challenging to choose the most suitable one. Each of these varieties has a unique property, potency, and effect. You need to pick the right strain to reap the intended benefits. Different types of Kratom are identified by differently colored veins in the leaves. Experienced users can identify the potency and property of a definite strain by the color of its veins.

Red Vein

This variety is distinguished by red veins in leaves as well as red stems. This is also known as the most common variety. It contains an appreciable quantity of 7-hydroxymitragynine. This natural chemical has been found to be very efficient in relieving pain and helping the muscles relax. However, this variety has several sub-varieties each of which has a specific effect.

Thai variety-If you desire euphoria, then this is it.It also helps in relieving depression and anxiety. It also acts as a mood enhancer.

Borneo variety – If you want to derive pleasure, then this is the variety you need to take. It has a soothing, relaxing and calming effect.

Sumatra variety – It is a painkiller and a muscle relaxant. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, etc., you can use this variety since it also offers relaxation.

Bali variety –This is a classic opiate and is mainly used as a euphoric drug.

Vietnam variety – For extreme euphoria, calmness, and relaxation as well as a reduction in stress and anxiety, you can take this variety.

Indonesian variety – This one acts as an energy booster and provides strength and vigor to the user.

Red Maeng Da – This is another Thai variety that is known for its pain relieving and euphoric qualities.

Red vein gold – This is another Indonesian variety which is known for its euphoric potential.

Red vein Riau – This Indonesian subvariety is known to deliver euphoric effects as well as relaxation.

Red vein Bantuagie – This is another Indonesian variety which is popularly used for deriving mental peace, relaxation, and euphoria.

Red vein dragon – This is a Malaysian variety and is a powerful euphoric agent. It needs to be taken in minimal amount.

Red Horned Maeng Da– This is another Thai variety with a strong analgesic potential. It also acts as a robust euphoric agent.

White vein

This type of Kratom has the white stem and white vein in the leaves. It is considered to be highly stimulating and euphoric. This particular strain is also known for its vitalizing effect. You can gain energy, motivation, alertness, and stamina from it. This makes it sort of a replacement for black tea, coffee and energy products. If you are feeling a general lack of vitality, sluggish and fatigued you may take white vein Kratom. If you are feeling exhausted, you can take it. If you are feeling gloomy, depressed or anxious, you can consumeit too. This variety also has some popular sub-varieties with a variety of effects ranging across the spectrum of Kratom effects.

White vein Borneo – It offers both pain relief and energy if taken in large quantity. So if you want to get pain relief, but not at the cost of energy, you can consume white vein Borneo.
White vein Thai – This is found to have a substantial sedative effect, but, it also offers a lot of energy. Nevertheless, it lacks in the analgesic property.

Other varieties include Bali variety, Sumatra variety, Malayasian variety, Indonesia variety, dragon variety white horn kratom, whtie riau kratom etc.

Green Vein

This variety is considered to be somewhere between the Red and the White veins since it exhibits the properties of both the strains. This makes it a very well balanced variety. It is a mild stimulant and a mild anti-depressant, but a strong energy booster and mood enhancer. It is also useful as a muscle relaxant and analgesic. What is more, the analgesic effect of this variety comes without the sedative effect. So you can use it to relieve pains and aches without feeling lethargic or drowsy. It can also help you to concentrate on the work at hand and increase productivity and efficiency. Owning to such balanced properties, it is one of the most sought-after Kratoms.

Malaysian variety – This is one of the few Kratom varieties that have the ability to enhance your cognitive capabilities. So it may improve your concentration and attention span. It is also useful for muscle relaxation and pain relief. There are some other Malaysian varieties which have both stimulating as well as euphoric effects.

The Green Vein Dragon variety, which is found in Malaysia, can produce a feeling of euphoria and joy in low dosage. However, in high dosage, it can boost your energy levels.

Bali variety – This one is a perfect painkiller and muscle relaxant. It is famous among Kratom users since it can deliver relief from pain without inducing drowsiness. It also acts as a mood enhancer and energizer. It can also make you alert and active.

Indonesian variety – Beneficiaries use this variety mainly to relax and de-stress. A sense of positive thoughts overpowers the user after consuming the required dose. It also enhances energy and alertness. Another Indonesia variety, popularly known as , has the effect of boosting energy levels and cognitive capacities. However, this may also be used as a euphoric agent. The other Indonesian variety of Riau is a very good painkiller and muscle relaxant. You can also take it to keep yourself active and alert.

Thai variety – Although the same variety may have a somewhat different effect on different users, the famous Thai variety of Green Horned Maeng Da is found to have excellent pain relieving effect. It also boosts energy and vigor. The other Thai variety called Green Maeng Da can also be taken as a stimulant

Borneo variety – The dark green Borneo variety is famous for its energy boosting and euphoric effects. It also enhances mood and aids in motivation.

Cambodia variety – This is known for it relaxing effect. You can take it if you need to fight stress and anxiety.

Sumatra variety– This variety is popular for its energy boosting and euphoric effects.

Vietnam variety – It is well known for its cognition-enhancing effect. It also boosts energy and keeps the user active.

There are some other varieties of Kratom too, but these are mostly derived from the distinct types of white, green and red. You can get Yellow vein Kratom which is a different form of the red and white varieties. You can also get the Yellow Gold variety which is just a different form of the Indonesian variety. The other variety of Kratom also known as Chocolate Borneo is derived from the red variety grown in Borneo. Other varieties like Yellow Kapuas, Dark Brown Bantaugie, Mixed Maeng Da, Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan, Malay silver, etc. to have different effects.

Some awesome Posts with good information on different Strains.

Every strain has a unique effect on us so, you should know benefits and side effects of the strain you consume. These posts below have 100% information on different strains.

Different usage of Kratom

Kratom is used not only to get high, but also to derive other benefits. In fact, most of the usage of this herb has medicinal repercussions. However, some do use this substance to derive pleasure and get euphoric.

Users have benefitted from Kratom use in treating anxiety, overcoming depression, deriving a feeling of relaxation, overcoming aches and pains, etc. You can also use it to reinvigorate yourself if are feeling exhausted, sluggish or fatigued. This means this also acts as an energy booster. If you have had a day of hard work or have done a lot of workout in the gym, you may feel stiff in the muscles. In that case, you can take a strain of red vein Kratom for muscle relaxation.

There are different varieties that also have other benefits. There are some varieties which help with symptoms resulting from the withdrawal of narcotic substances.A remarkable quality of some Kratom varieties is that they can reduce pains and aches without making you feel drowsy or sedated.

Visit this link for guide on dosage of maeng da kratom.

Some excellent posts on benefits of kratom, you must read them.

Kratom can affect you in a positive way and that's what makes it worth trying. How it works, what are the benefits, possible side effects, and precautions everything is mentioned in posts below.

Kratom Legality

As of now the regulation on the use of Kratom is discreet all over the USA. However, there are some states like Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, etc. which have banned the use of Kratom in some way or the other. Even the ban is not uniform in all of them. While in Alabama and Arkansas the use of Kratom is controlled, in Indiana it is treated as a synthetic drug and is therefore banned.

There are many other states like California, Florida, Illinois, New Hampshire, etc. where the use of Kratom is legal. Nevertheless, in 2016 the Drug Enforcement Administration had published a notice in the Federal Register indicating that they intend to place the compounds Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine under schedule I of Controlled Substances Act. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the primary chemical constituents of Kratom that are responsible for various medicinal properties of the substance.

Through this was a step towards temporary scheduling of the drug, it drew an avalanche of opposition from members of the public. The public was of the view that the DEA should reconsider their decision in the light of available information about Kratom as well as the remarks of the people. Owing to public opposition, the DEA has withdrawn the notice and has solicited comments from the public about the scheduling of Kratom.

Moreover, the FDA will now evaluate the scientific and medicinal qualities of different varieties of Kratom and recommend to DEA about the scheduling of the drug, if any.

It does display an environment of mistrust or doubt at regulatory or government level. However, it also shows a sense of reliability on Kratom in a sizable portion of users. In fact, several doctors and pharmacologists have advocated for the use of Kratom, especially to fight opiate withdrawal symptoms and pain relief. But that does not necessarily mean that using Kratom is legal all over the world.

The worldview

Apart from the USA, several other countries too have either banned kratom use or have placed restrictions on its use. What is intriguing is that Kratom has been banned even in some of its countries of origin like Malaysia, Myanmar etc.


The restrictions and bans necessarily owe their origin to a series of reports about Kratom addiction. This plainly demonstrates that there is light at the end of the tunnel. So long it does not create an addiction, it is okay to have Kratom; its benefits are too many just to ignore, restrict or ban it.

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